Job Creative Central - "they" keep on sending job offers to me...

Calgary, Alberta 0 comments

My name is Jacky Thureau and the comapany 'Job Creative Central' advertises positions in the PORTLAND area , Oregon - USA (or 50 miles around) because they think I live in VANCOUVER WA (USA) .But I am located in VANCOUVER, British-Columbia (Canada)!!!

The E-mail where they - - "solicit" me or use to post Jobs is "") which luckily is NOT my main E-mail (I have multiple ones).. BUT IT IS REALLY 'Annoying' and I would qualify it even as "SPAMMING". Apparently from the complaints I see ONLINE, nobody can reach them, this is why I write a complaint TOO about this company... I have NOT contacted, signed up for ANYTHING with them nor signed a contract (and certainly NOT GIVEN MY CREDIT CARD number!!).

Would anybody have a contact for them? A reply at the E-mail above would be apppreciated.....

Thanks anyone that would have more info.J.T

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